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LitFix Podcast Feature Requests

Submissions Currently: OPEN
Vibe and Genre:

HRM seeks literary authors with recently released (or soon to be released) audiobooks to feature for hour long podcasts in the LixFix podcast series, which entails the promoting of audiobook excerpts and upbeat author interviews with featured guest co-hosts. Taste is subjective and HRM only selects work that our series coordinator believes fits the HRM content aesthetic.


We are interested in featuring authors working in the genres of literary short fiction, novels, hybrid books, creative non-fiction, and traditional poetry who aren't shy with a microphone and would like their work and book featured. Book excerpt recordings made by professional voice talent are fine, but the author must be available for recording the podcast interview.

The Lit Fix vibe is upbeat. The tone is tell us about you and don't bore our readers.

Diverse featured authors and content are welcome.  HRM is LGBTQ inclusive and welcomes submissions from marginalized voices and perspectives.

We are happy to feature both debut and extensively published authors.


LitFix accepts submissions year-round for Lit Fix Author Feature Requests but will close submissions when 2021-2022 line-up is secured. See restrictions below for book and author eligibility and technical requirements.

Upcoming books to be featured, author bio, and book purchase links, as well as links to LitFix podcasts will be housed on HRM for the life of the podcast. 

Permissions required by HRM to promote these podcasts are detailed on Feature Request forms.  Pre-release interviews may be requested from featured authors for pre-promotion purposes on the HRM blog. 

Hosts anticipate recording1hour podcasts in June 2021 for the first six episodes scheduled for monthly release starting in July 2021. Scheduling may vary.

HRM reserves the right to schedule or reschedule podcast releases as benefits the press publication timelines or accepted authors' book release dates.

Audiobook Excerpt Permissions and Other Files:

Preliminary requests to be featured may be mailed to the HRM series coordinator with a signed/authorized copy of the Lit Fix Author Feature Request.

Upon invitation, Publishers, or Authors with Publishers' permission, may submit excerpts of audiobooks, high definition book cover files, and .pdf copies of the book to a designated cloud storage folder for second round consideration. 

All initial inquiries will receive a response within 3 weeks. Second round consideration decisions are made within 3 months, with final recording and podcast release timelines decided after full podcast seasons have been selected and reserved.

Book Eligibility Requirements:

Books to be featured must be available for sale at Audible or independent audiobook stores and be released or be projected for release within 12 months of the Feature Request submission.

Note: Podcast release dates will not be scheduled before book release dates.

Excerpts must be 15-20 minutes long for fiction or creative non-fiction titles and 10-15 minutes long for poetry collections.

Excerpts must meet professional quality standards and/or ACX audio file quality guidelines.

Since this podcast is intended to help audiobook listeners find new literary audiobooks to hear, no books without audiobook excerpts will be considered. 

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