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HRM Print, E-Book, and Audiobook Submissions Guidelines

Submissions Currently: CLOSED
Current Publication Timeline:

HRM is a small press that publishes up to two titles a year. With upcoming releases slated through 2023, our timeline for publication of accepted titles, at this time, is approximately two and one half  years out. 

We are currently closed for submissions and queries.



HRM prefers to represent authors with experimental or multi-genre work.

We seek career authors with experience giving readings, writing books, and connecting with the literary community. HRM's publishing arm can release books in audio, e-book, and trade paperback formats, contingent on contracts and agreements.

While many books we publish will be released in multiple formats, we are open to representing solely audiobook titles for authors with other presses from whom we have accepted other titles, provided the author owns audiobook rights and has submitted professional quality audiobooks that meet ACX and/or other platform's rigorous standards. We do play well with others and are open to cross-promotion and working with other presses who will continue to publish trade and e-book versions of the same texts.

We also play well alone.   Books queried do not have to be in the same form or style.  In fact, we like multi-genre authors and performers. See below for more on what we like. 


We like dark and witty.  We like literary panache.  We like Southern Literature. We like romantic that isn't romance, a gut punch of beauty or a thimbleful of wonder. We like when you make us laugh and cry, preferably in the same book. We like smart and weird. We like hybrid work and cross-genre literary work. We are interested in featuring authors working in the genres of literary short fiction, novels, hybrid books, creative non-fiction, and traditional poetry.

We are LGBTQ inclusive and interested in disruptive voices. We are not afraid of sex, but we do not publish erotica; keep it literary. We reserve the right to know what we want when we see it, but rest assured, we do want to fall head over heels in love with your work and for you to be at least reasonably cordial.


Interested in Being a Part of This? Here's What to Send:

To be considered for publication with HRM, please submit a query letter with an author bio, a statement of interest in HRM, links to your online presence, and summary information on the genre and contents of the book you have available.  This query letter should be sent to hotredheadmedia at  Please send a 25-50 page excerpt of the work upon which you would like to be evaluated.


Upon invitation from a member of the editorial team, authors may submit full Word document manuscript files via a link that will be provided by HRM for upload to the editorial collective.

All initial queries will receive a response within two months. For invited uploaded full mss, the editorial board will make its final decision within six months.

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