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First Readers Street Team 

Requests Currently: CLOSED
What is the HRM First Readers Street Team and How Does it Work?:


HRM is a small press that publishes literary and cross-genre titles. Our HRM First Readers Street Team is a group of smart and dedicated readers who love getting a free book in the mail or email and don't mind submitting a short review.

We have recently started taking the names of interested readers who want to join so we can share the love we feel for the titles we've selected to publish with readers who support the mission of small presses, want to help them, and enjoy a smart read.


As a result, as up and coming book release dates near (or on the publication anniversary for some titles), we will allow a limited group of readers the choice of a free paper copy or ebook copy of a designated HRM release, in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes and Noble.

Reviews from everyday readers are crucial for the success of books--and word of mouth feedback is vital for indie presses to help their authors, so you also get extra good Samaritan points when you take part in this fun experiment.

All offers are open for a short, designated duration for upcoming titles and when an offer is open we will advertise it here.

What if I Want Priority Street Team Member Status So I Get Instant Notification When An Offer Opens Up?:

For readers interested in receiving First Readers messages FIRST when a new HRM title is available for this offer, please send a short email saying, "Add me to the First Readers Street Team" to prhotredheadmedia at


Remember, membership to the First Readers Street Team is limited and those on our priority list will get first dibs, so do get on the list early if you love to review exciting new titles and are as delighted to receive them as we are to send them.


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