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HOT REDHEAD MEDIA went into business in early 2020 to produce podcasts and publish 1st Edition literary audiobooks & 1st and 2nd Edition trade paperbacks and ebooks. 


We produce a monthly podcast series in support of literary achievements called Booktails that features live author readings with custom book cocktails and discussions on the craft of writing. In January 2024, we launch its sister, film-world podcast HEAT: Spotlight on Women, by Women, in Hollywood with six co-hosts and a monthly curated Snack and Watch List.  

HRM selects toward experimental and traditional literary work in multiple genres. We enjoy media of all kinds that champions women in all art industries.

HRM, the press, currently works to publish a new anthology so is not open to submissions.

​Visit our other pages for more information.

Cheers and Abrazos,

The HRM Editorial Board

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