HOT REDHEAD MEDIA went into business in 2019 to publish 1st Edition literary audiobooks & 1st and 2nd Edition trade paperbacks and ebooks.

HRM represents four or more titles (minimum) per author and proposes to grow and nurture our authors' careers. We nominate for prizes. We publish audiobooks, where connected, through Audible. For our trade paperbacks, we make both online and bookstore presence a priority.


HRM, the press, publishes three to four titles a year and currently has three authors signed with a full publication timeline through the end of 2021.

We also plan to release two monthly podcast series in support of fine literary achievements. The first, entitled Booktails, features live author readings with custom book cocktails and discussions on craft.  The second, Lit Fix, focuses on new audiobooks released by other presses and author interviews. Both are projected for release in July of 2020. We are growing. Grow with us.

​Visit the submissions and author feature request pages for more information.  

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