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Welcome to our next grand venture:

HRM is a small press and podcast producer that now solicits one-act plays for our new audio podcast series launching in late 2022. This playcast will host between 15-40 minutes of content per episode, performed by professional actors, with a director for every episode.

Selected authors will receive access to an independently hosted audioplay version of their one act play they may use to promote their work and share on websites and social media channels.

All One-Acts selected and produced require author permissions for non-exclusive, future HRM publication rights. 


We like dark and witty. We like literary panache. We like Southern Literature. We like romantic that isn't romance, a gut punch of beauty or a thimbleful of wonder. We like when you make us laugh and cry, preferably in the same work. We like smart and weird.


We are LGBTQA+ inclusive and interested in disruptive voices.


No genre restrictions but keep in mind plays selected are produced as audioplays so no visual blocking will be seen.

Submission Guidelines:

Plays with or without staged readings or productions are eligible.

HRM must be granted non-exclusive print permissions to include the work in a future Playcasts anthology, at HRM's discretion.


Cast size maximum: 6 performers, but more characters are allowed if actors may double. A list of characters with brief description must be included with entry.

Length maximum: 40 minutes Length minimum: 15 minutes Editors may make exceptions for work deemed exceptionally creative.

Cover sheet should include title, author, author’s address, author’s telephone number, and author’s email. A short synopsis is encouraged but not required. Any stage play format is acceptable, but please be mindful of the audio format and consider the strengths of it.


Send in PDF format to Multiple and simultaneous submissions are ok. Submitters can expect to hear back within 2-3 months.


Accepted authors and artists must be willing to be interviewed about their contributions and featured on the HRM website and social media posts.


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