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HEAT: EP1 S1: Spotlight On Women Directors, Curated Watchlist and Snacks

Hot Redhead Media is delighted to launch the first episode of our new podcast HEAT: Spotlight on Women, By Women, In Hollywood. With this episode, we focus on talented Women Directors.

Check out the curated watchlist below by cohosts Sasha Wulf, Jennifer Mondfrans, Heather Fowler, Cari Sudmeier, Kiki Watkins, and Marie Wetmore.

Listen to the full episode to learn more.

The Curated Watch List

Sasha Wulf's Pick:

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood's LOVE & BASKETBALL

Highlight: A fabulous movie with tons of female agency and a touching mode of addressing women's goals and successes in life, career, and love. Whole journey.

Jennifer Mondfrans's Pick:

Director Kelly Reichardt's FIRST COW

Highlight: Okay, there is this phenomenal cow actor named Eve. There was a cattle call. But also, just some gorgeous choices in terms of pacing and filmic moments.

Heather Fowler's Pick:

Director Mati Diop's ATLANTICS

Highlight: A nuanced, visually stunning ghost story, love story, class warfare story, modern Dakar story (all of these?) from a director with clear connections to both Senegal and France.

Cari Sudmeier's Pick:


Highlight: Atmospheric and deep. A film that makes the landscape a character and the characters explore the depth of their connections to each other.

Kiki Watkins's Pick:

Director Melina Matsoukas's QUEEN & SLIM

Highlight: A film full of real choices and cultural depictions of tragic love and the modern world. Not to mention a strong woman protag.

Marie Wetmore's Pick:

Director Greta Gerwig's BARBIE

Highlight: A fun and feminist movie with a tongue in cheek re-telling of life as an iconic doll confronting the real world. A visual feast. Also, inspiring in the way it captures ideas about sex and gender.

Hot Snack for the Viewing Session:

This episode, we feature a movie-watching hot snack offered by Cari Sudmeier.

Portabella Mushroom Pizza

Hey, today’s treat for your movie night is Portabella Mushroom Pizza. It takes just 15 min from make to bake! Plus you can “direct” your own signature toppings!

So grab a few Portabella mushrooms, your favorite marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella (or plant based option), sea salt, dried oregano, and basil.

Step 1: Brush mushrooms with a little olive oil, bake on a cookie sheet in a preheated oven for 5 minutes 

Step 2: Layer on marinara, mozzarella (or your plant based alternative/or maybe just more of your favorite veggies) and melt about 10 mins.

Step 3: When done sprinkle sea salt, oregano and basil. Then go ahead and get creative—and add pepperoni, jalapeños, pineapple or…!?! 

Portabella mushroom pizzas are the perfect healthy and hearty movie snack companion! 

Subscribe to HEAT on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Deezer, and more by visiting our Audioboom HEAT Channel and picking your favorite listening venue so you don't miss out on our next curated snacks and featured episodes! See you next time!

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