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Booktails Podcast Feature Requests

Submissions: Season Four Submissions Open in November 2023.
Season Starts January 2024.
Vibe and Genre:

HRM seeks literary authors interested in giving 10-15 minute live readings from their newest literary books (of any genre), for which we will create custom cocktails and invite our readers/listeners to partake of these while listening to this fun podcast co-hosted by cocktail and books aficionados Reine Dugas and Heather Fowler.

Taste is subjective and life is short, so HRM only selects featured authors that fit the HRM style and content aesthetic. In case you wonder: What, pray tell, is that?  Let us help you.  We love Southern Literature with modern flare, esoteric philosophy, poetry that burns with strong women, the floating image, the robust metaphor, and the author who writes work that seduces us.  We are open to reading you (like, a book) to see if yours may be a match. 

The Booktails vibe is speakeasy. The tone is tell us about how you make literature and make literature matter. Diverse authors and content are welcome.  HRM is LGBTQ inclusive and welcomes submissions from marginalized voices and perspectives.

We are happy to feature a balance of both debut and extensively published authors, large press and indie press books.


Booktails accepts submissions per our listed submissions timelines but will close when the year’s feature talent has been booked.

Upcoming books to be featured, author bio, and book purchase links, as well as links to Booktails podcasts, will be housed on HRM for the life of the podcast. 

Permissions required by HRM to promote these podcasts are detailed on Feature Request forms.  Pre-release interviews may be requested from featured authors for pre-promotion purposes. 

HRM reserves the right to schedule or reschedule podcast releases to most benefit featured authors. Recording dates will often be several months ahead of scheduled release.

Feature Requests and Files Required:

When submissions are open, requests may be mailed to Hot Redhead Media at hotredheadmedia at gmail dot com for consideration by either publishers or authors, with a brief bio, a pdf copy of the book to be featured, the book release date, and an author headshot/webpage link. Note: If hosts are interested and you are able to send paper copy ARCs to both, they greatly prefer this.  

Book Eligibility Requirements:

Books to be featured must be available for purchase by podcast listeners.

Note: Podcast episode release dates will not be scheduled before book release dates.

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