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Audacious Women

An Anthology

Call for Submissions CLOSED

So what's exactly the tea? 



The Deadline:

Hot Redhead Media will accept submissions of short fiction, creative non-fiction, interview, and mixed media until this anthology is full.

For submitters, full-length short fiction and creative non-fiction essay submission are what we are most seeking at this time.

Submitters can expect to hear back within 2-3 months. Simultaneous submissions okay. Reprints okay from print journals or published collections only. One submission per submitter unless solicited to submit more.

The What:

For AUDACIOUS WOMEN, we seek creative work that embraces the concept of women fully occupying their space, having or developing new agency, and trailblazing the roads for more powerful futures. We invite submissions from all genders and orientations. The anthology vibe is smart and celebratory. Best case submissions are work that makes us laugh, cry, and think deeply about the ways that women can come to the world as influencers, as sages. We seek pieces that embrace the concept of women with three-dimensionality, diversity in how “Audacious Women” can be interpreted. We want your best. Anything submitted that smacks of misogyny will be deleted without response.

Word and page limits:

Prose flash and short fiction word count limits: Up to 5000 words. For flash pieces, multiple stories can and should be sent in the same document.

Non-fiction and interviews: Up to 3000 words

Artwork: Up to 4 pieces for consideration

Document Naming Format:

Please use the format of your genre, the title, and your last name, e.g. "FICTION-The Day All the Bears Came Home-FREDERICKS"

Where to Submit:

Submissions may be sent to hotredheadmedia at

Rights Acquired:

HRM will acquire first North American rights and first electronic rights, which will revert to the author after publication. For reprints, where applicable, we will acquire anthology rights, but original work is preferred so reprints have to blow our socks off.


Accepted authors and artists must be willing to be interviewed about their contributions and featured on the HRM website and social media posts.


Payment is one electronic contributor copy, fame, acclaim, and a cup of coffee on the editors.

Publication Date: 

To allow for time for pre-promotion activities and since the anthology was filled in February 2024, print and e-publication date is now scheduled for February 2024.

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