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HEAT: S1 EP3: Spotlight on Costume Designers, Curated Watchlist and Snacks

Hot Redhead Media is delighted to launch our third episode of our new podcast HEAT: Spotlight on Women, By Women, In Hollywood. With this episode, we focus on talented Women Costume Designers.

Check out the curated watchlist below by this episode's featured cohosts Jennifer Mondfrans, Heather Fowler, Cari Sudmeier, Kiki Watkins, and Marie Wetmore. 

Listen to the full episode to learn more.

Jennifer Mondfrans's Pick: 

Ann Roth for Working Girl

Highlight: Anne Roth, a legendary costume designer, is hailed as one of the most imaginative minds in American culture. With over 190 films, Roth's authenticity-driven approach is exemplified in the film "Working Girl." In this dress-for-success primer, Roth's designs visually narrate the transformation of Melanie Griffith's character from 80s tackiness to corporate chic, juxtaposed with Joan Cusack's character, whose wardrobe remains delightfully over-the-top throughout. At 91, Roth continues to showcase her brilliance, proving why she's a true costume design icon.

Heather Fowler's Pick:

Holly Waddington for Poor Things 

Highlight: Holly Waddington's work in "Poor Things" is a testament to her ability to blend period garments with a modern aesthetic, creating visually stunning costumes and characters. Set in 1880s London, the film explores Bella Baxter's unconventional coming-of-age journey outside societal norms, and Waddington's costumes serve as visual anchors for the narrative. Employing textures upon textures and using undergarments as outerwear, Waddington captures the essence of the protagonist's journey from infancy to womanhood. Waddington's daring designs, from "vagina blouses" to "condom coats," infuse the film with a sense of whimsy and intrigue, making her work in "Poor Things" both beautiful and new.

Cari Sudmeier's Pick:

Erin Benach for A Star is Born (starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga)

Highlight: Erin Benach said she wanted Ally, played by Lady Gaga, to have a wardrobe that tells the story of her character’s arc from unknown struggling singer to new found fame. We see Benach shape Ally's wardrobe from a thrifting vibe with hints of a country influence to bigger and more elaborate outfits as she goes onto new found stardom. Benach designs the evolving wardrobe highlight a woman skyrocketing to stardom in “A Star is Born.”

Kiki Watkins's Pick

Edith Head for Rear Window

Highlight: Edith Head's iconic costume designs for Grace Kelly in "Rear Window" highlight her unparalleled talent and impact on Hollywood. As the most decorated costume designer in history, Head became known for her unique working style and her designs earned her widespread acclaim. "Rear Window," Kiki's choice this month, is considered one of the greatest films of all time and showcases Head's ability to enhance storytelling through design, contributing to the film's cinematic brilliance.

Marie Wetmore's Pick:

 Jenny Brava for Mad Max Fury Road

Highlights: Jenny Brava, a highly acclaimed costume designer with three Academy Awards, four BAFTA Awards, and two Emmys. In the gritty post-apocalyptic world of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” Brava’s designs reflect the film’s unconventional gender dynamics and dystopian setting, with costumes crafted for the world envisioned by director George Miller. From Max’s rugged moto jacket to Furiosa’s warrior attire that carries a hint of her different past, each costume embodies the essence of its wearer and contributes to the film's immersive world-building. Brava’s dedication to authenticity and functionality is evident in her designs fabricated with practicality and durability in mind to prioritize the garments withstanding the demands of intense desert stunts and a months-long production schedules. Through her innovative approach to costume design, Jenny Brava continues to push boundaries and inspire audiences in cinema.


Hot Snack for the Viewing Session:

Are you hungry? This episode, we feature a movie-watching hot snack offered by Heather Fowler.

Air Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings and Celery Sticks

This only takes 30 minutes to make.

There are only 4 ingredients--chicken wings, buffalo sauce, butter, and celery!

Step 1: Preheat air fryer and get out your wings.

Step 2: Put the wings into your air fryer for the time your fryer says to use for chicken wings–I use a Ninja foodie. My setting is for 30 minutes, flipping wings once, but check your settings for your favorite equipment.

An added bonus about this snack pick is that you can actually start your film now and watch it as you prepare the rest if that’s handy.

Step 3: Wash and cut, your celery into bite-sized pieces.

Step 4: Generally about half way through, flip your chicken.

Step 5: Take your favorite buffalo sauce, put a cup or so into a bowl, and microwave it with 1-2 pats of 2 tablespoons butter. Mix thoroughly.

Step 6: Take chicken out when cooked and brush with sauce.

Step 7: Plate celery sticks with it, get out whatever salad dressing you like (Ranch or Blue Cheese is my house's favorite) and eat.

Sanitary note: You will need napkins.

Health note: This isn’t necessarily very healthy—but it's tasty and perfect for a movie night at home….


Check out this episode and subscribe to HEAT on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Deezer, and more by visiting our Audioboom HEAT Channel and connecting via your favorite listening venue so you don't miss out on our next curated snacks and featured episodes! Episodes release on the first of the month.

See you next time!

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