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Morrison Switchel - A Custom Cocktail for Debra Spark

Hot Redhead Media is delighted to launch episode three of Season Four of the Booktails literary podcast series, featuring author Debra Spark and her new novel about parenting and art Discipline.

In this episode, Spark talks about writing novels, her work with the homeless, teaching, and more with co-hosts Heather Fowler and Reine Dugas. Don't miss this episode.

Here are the ingredients for a Morrison Switchel, the custom mocktail created for this book. Order your copy now, make the cocktail, and have a listen to the full podcast episode.

Morrison Switchel

Morrison Switchel

1 oz. rum

2 inch piece of ginger

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp honey

Still water

Sparkling water

Peel and cut ginger into slices. Boil ginger in a cup of water for about ten minutes. Add honey and vinegar. Let cool. Strain half of the mixture into a glass filled with ice and top with rum and sparkling water.

If you’d like to make it a mocktail, hold the rum.

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