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The Blue to Pink - A Custom Cocktail for Lucy Sante

Hot Redhead Media is delighted to launch episode six of Season Four of the Booktails literary podcast series, featuring author Lucy Sante and her latest book I Heard Her Call My Name: A Memoir of Transition.

In this episode, Sante talks about gender identity, photo alteration apps, her concept of being an artist who writes, and more with co-hosts Heather Fowler and Reine Dugas. She also gives a reading from the featured book. The excerpt is a bit racy--enjoy.

Here are the ingredients for a Blue to Pink, the custom cocktail created for this book. Grab a copy of her book, make the cocktail, and have a listen to the full podcast episode.

The Blue to Pink

1 oz light rum

1/2 oz peach schnapps

3 oz pink lemonade

2 oz blue raspberry vodka or blue curacao

In a shaker with ice, mix rum, schnapps, and pink lemonade. Strain into a glass. Top with blue raspberry vodka, poured over the back of a spoon so it layers on top of the pink. Garnish with a strawberry.

Use AF liquor for a mocktail, if desired.

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