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The Bitter Spritzer - A Custom Cocktail for Chin-Sun Lee

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Hot Redhead Media is delighted to present the eleventh episode of Season Three of the Booktails literary podcast series, featuring author Chin-Sun Lee and her novel UPCOUNTRY, out from Unnamed Press.

In this episode, novelist Chin-Sun Lee reads from her novel UPCOUNTRY and chats about writing with women as her focus, her publication trajectory, mysterious religious groups in small communities, and more with co-hosts Heather Fowler and Reine Dugas.

Here are the ingredients for the Bitter Spritzer, the custom cocktail created for this book. Grab your copy now, make the cocktail, and pull up a chair for the full podcast episode.

Bitter Spritzer

3 oz chilled white wine

1 oz club soda or mineral water

dash of lemon or orange bitters

Fill a glass with ice and top with soda. Add a few dashes of bitters, garnish with a lemon peel, and enjoy. For a zero proof spritzer, use AF wine.

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