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The Prettier In Pink--A Custom Cocktail for Leigh Camacho Rourks' Booktails Literary Podcast EP4

Hot Redhead Media is pleased to soon release our newest episode of the Booktails podcast series this upcoming October 15th, with a fun reading and fascinating conversation with debut author Leigh Camacho Rourks, reading from her collection of stories Moon Trees and Other Orphans.

Heather Fowler and Reine Dugas co-host this monthly HRM books and drinks intimate reading series intended to give introverts the chance to hear talented literary authors talk about and read from their newest books, while listening from the comfort of their own couches, pants optional, with a boozy treat in hand.

Here is the cocktail Reine has created in the spirit of Leigh's delightful collection where setting s more than a character and character might break your ever-loving heart. As of this moment, you now have two weeks to grab Leigh's book and get all the ingredients to prepare for having your own cocktail with us when the podcast drops on the evening of October15th.

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And now...

The Prettier In Pink

2 oz gin

1 oz orange liqueur

.5 oz cherry juice

Elderflower tonic

In a shaker with ice, mix gin, orange liquor, and cherry juice. Pour with sass into the prettiest glass you’ve got and top with a splash of elderflower tonic. Drink slowly and enjoy.

Note for sobriety seekers: This cocktail can also be made into a tasty mocktail with orange juice in lieu of the orange liqueur and gin and some tasty edible hibiscus flowers! Enjoy!

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